Friday, 14 December 2012


Now that the wave quilt is complete (photos soon), I can focus all my attention on completing the quilting on the mermaid swoon quilt. Between stages of the wave quilt I finished quilting the main part of each of the 6 blocks, and now I'm onto the background, including the sashing. I'm treating the lot as a single area (they're all done in the same white fabric), and then breaking it up with the quilting.

At the two intersections of four blocks I'm putting this large, circular motif (shown from the back). I used a selection of crockery, glassware and other items to mark the circles and the spacing for the loops and swags, then drew them in free-hand wth the vanishing marker before quilting them in a combination of pink and aqua.

I'm putting mirrored pairs of these tiara-inspired arcs between the blocks. I'm hoping to get them all done tomorrow, and move onto the border area by evening.


MY SPACE said...

Emma, it's fabulous!!! I can't wait to get it back!

Patsy said...

Breath-taking and very captivating! Please post more photos as this moves forward.