Monday, 24 December 2012

Preparing for Christmas

I've been on leave for a week already, and have been getting ready for Christmas with James and Eleanor.

We visited Father Christmas a couple of weeks ago (although I only just managed to find out what Eleanor asked for - knickers for her teddy (?!?!) which necessitated modification of several pairs of girls' knickers)! I bought 2 packs of 3 (one to modify, one so Eleanor has some that match) and basically cut the back off, and with just 2 seams sewed the sides of the front together, then the other cut edge to that. I hope she'll be happy to find them in her stocking!

(Matching pairs top and bottom showing front and back,
centre pair cut apart ready to sew (the back gets discarded))

Then last week we went to visit the Magic Cave:

While we were in Rundle Mall, we found the special letter box to post their letters to Father Christmas:

Which was right next to the  big carousel:

And then we stopped at the fountain:

And the Mall's Balls:

but it was a hot day and the bronze pigs were too hot to touch!

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