Sunday, 23 December 2012

Swooning again

I'm quilting my third swoon quilt now; this one is simpler because it's smaller again (four full-size blocks) but it's still getting custom treatment. It's probably just as well it's relatively small, given the vast amount of pebbling I seem to have worked into the quilting design! I hadn't really intended to start on this before Christmas, but haven't been able to help myself!

I've only worked on one of the blocks so far, and am really happy with the way it's coming along. Marking so many curves has convinced me I need to get myself some acrylic curves. I'd considered getting a couple of sets in different sizes at AMQF, but not being a longarmer, I won't be able to use the rulers in the same way; for me they'll just be marking tools. But it will be much easier to have a selection of suitable curves to work with. For this quilt I needed a large-radius curve - but I was rather limited for choice among general household items, as even my largest platters weren't large enough. The one I found is a glass table topper (about 22in across), which is more than a little unwieldy, especially when most of the time I only need a short length! I did actually make myself a small template using template plastic, but I think proper acrylic rulers with guidelines etc. will be better - and of course give me more choice.

There's still some more to add to this block before moving onto the next one; some feathering on the outside of the curved pebbled lines on the tan shapes.

(from the back)

I hadn't planned to fill the inside space on the tan shapes, but it's looking as though it will need something; probably a small shape echoing the curved lines filled with pebbling.