Thursday, 21 March 2013

Finished at last

Tonight I finally finished this quilt. It feels as though it's ages since I  started it, though it was actually only about six weeks ago. But since then, I've quilted 2 customer quilts and one of my own, started and finished the linen wholecloth table runner, started a new applique quilt, worked on about a dozen designs and written a set of instructions.

Now I need to  start on the instructions for this one. That's going to take some focus, since I'm much more interested in finishing the current applique and getting stuck into the beach scene commissions.

This quilt is called Mediterranean Tiles and I'll share it in full when it's published in Australian Patchwork & Quilting in the middle of the year.


Heather said...

I find my self very attracted to this shade of blue and brown. I have some set aside for a small project. I just have to make something with this combination to either get it out of my system or to build up to a full size quilt. Looking forward to seeing the full picture of this quilt.

Zurn said...

Emma, these colors are absolutely beautiful! What fabric did you use. Although I live in the States, is there a way that I will be able to get this pattern. I can't imagine it, as it is folded, but what I can see looks lovely.