Thursday, 21 March 2013

Put a swirl over here...

A few days ago  I set out to quilt this red and white lap quilt. It didn't get done during the day because the deep red backing fabric just kept bleeding, through 10 hand rinses and at least 8 cycles through the washing machine. And yes - in hindsight, I should've googled for ways to stop it earlier. But eventually I decided it was close enough, and when I gift it, I'll add a note to use some colour catchers when washing it and be sure to hang it out to dry right away.

I did get it sandwiched and make a start  before collecting James and Eleanor from school, but ended up quilting into the wee hours (again!) to get the quilting finished. I chose to use the extended swirls I've been liking (and doodling a lot) recently.

The thread is red BottomLine by Superior, and I used the same top and bottom. I chose a lightweight thread so it didn't stand out too badly on the white-based fabrics, and it has a nice effect. It blended so well on a few of the red fabrics I found it hard to see where I'd already quilted! I like it best on the red ombre border:

I just need to decide on the binding fabric now, and it will be done, too.


Sheila said...

Thats a great quilting design, looks really effective.

AJ said...

Lovely Emma