Sunday, 21 April 2013

My new long-arm...

...only cost $40.

Sadly, it's only a long-arm stapler! But it did make collating the recent new print-runs of my patterns much easier. (The tree pattern is A4 sheets folded in half and (now) stapled at the fold, which a normal stapler just can't reach.)

Both Winter Harvest (above) and the Beach Scene (below) quilt patterns are now back in stock in my Etsy store.

Etsy has also introduced a simpler method of delivering digital patterns. After purchasing the PDF version of my Beach Scene the buyer will receive an email from Etsy, advising them their files are ready to download instantly, with a link to where the file is stored with Etsy. However, their system cannot yet manage this for the package deal, so those purchasing both the digital and hard copy together will still receive the files directly emailed from me.

1 comment:

Frances Arnold said...

I got excited when I read your blog post title, but I guess a Long-Arm
stapler is just as good!!!!