Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Red and white quilt

I've been making a concerted effort recently to get my digital photos properly sorted. Although most people would probably consider them already in pretty good order, it's one thing I'm really fussy about. I go through and weed out all but the best, then I edit them as necessary. I rename them all, sort them into the right folders, and make sure they're backed-up - preferably twice and in different locations ( I keep a second external hard-drive at my parents' house, though I don't update it quite as often as I should).

At the same time, I've caught up on photographing a few quilts, so I have some ready to share -although a few  must wait until they're published. Today's quilt is made from simple equilateral triangles, and is called Dziękuję - which means 'thank you' in Polish.

I quilted it using the all-over swirls which I like so much at the moment. I was a bit unsure about an all-over design with such stark contrast to the fabrics, but the red BottomLine is fine enough that it doesn't look out of place on the lighter fabrics, and of course it blends well on the red. I especially like the way the quilting shows on the plain ombre border.

It measures close to 50 x 60in - a nice size for a lap quilt, and joins a large pile of quilts waiting to be given as gifts (I just need to make one more, then can take them to their intended recipients).


Heather said...

red and white quilts always look so fresh and inviting. very lovely.

Mamgu said...

You sound like me, photos sorted, edited, labelled and in folders. The one of my grandchildren are even have folders for their ages, monthly, and as they grow that's a lot of folders!
I love your quilts, a real inspiration.