Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Another beach

Sorry, I didn't mean to vanish for a few weeks! I've been plodding along, quilting a bit and procrastinating a lot (especially when it comes to blogging!) I've started on a commissioned beach scene.

This one will be single bed size, but to avoid losing half  the scene off the foot and sides of the bed, we decided to make the scene as the centre, and I'm doing some coordinating water piecing for the 3-sided border.

I made a good start on this at  Easter; I took the equivalent of seven full shopping bags worth of fabric with me - I need plenty to choose from as I piece these. As it turned out, I only got the reef/water section done (shown above with all the fabrics cut and pinned in place, but none sewn), so could have left the stacks of sand and sky fabrics at home - but I chose not to mention that to Simon!

In the last week I've pieced the sky and beach. I've added quite a few fabrics to my beach scene stash recently (I'm always on the look-out) and this time have added a kite to the sky. I've got some hot air balloons on the way now, too, so might incorporate one of those into the next one. I still find the beach the hardest to choose the fabrics for. Although it gets easier and I'm more confident in my choices, I do still occasionally look back on something after it's cut and pinned into position on the foundation and realise it contrasts too much with a neighbouring piece and needs replacing.


HeyJudee said...

Your work is amazing! This is going to be a piece of art on the bed. Love it!

CitricSugar said...

Emma!! That is incredible use of fussy cutting and amazing piecing. WOW.