Thursday, 20 September 2007

A catchy title

Since I have both kids home on Wednesdays, WIP Wednesday just isn't going to happen here. On the other hand, it's just Eleanor and I on Thursdays, and I can usually get something done then. So I need your help to come up with something catchy, 'cos WIP Thursday doesn't have the same ring to it.

I have completed the centre of the D9P with the sashing, and am starting on the borders; the first is the same fabric as the sashing, but about 3" wide.
It was a lovely day in Adelaide. I didn't get outside much, but did take this photo of some of the dutch irises under a weeping blossom tree in our front garden. We have a lovely big garden which is in serious need of some attention, but fortunately lots of the bulbs keep on keeping on without any help from us.

These irises helped sell us the house. They are my favourite flowers, and I had lots of them among the many bulbs I'd planted in our renovated garden in Canberra. We first found our house on the internet, and one of the photos of the house had one of these irises in the foreground. The knowledge that I would be able to grow them here was a good selling point (although the house itself, the rest of the garden, and our own creek helped, too!). These have multiplied each of the 3 springs we've been here with no help from me.


Helen said...

Emma, that looks stunning! I love the sashing around each block, frames it nicely. Lovely! How about Thursday's Threads for a title?? or TIP Thursday? (Things In Progress!) LOL Just made that up... :)

Lily said...

Emma you've done a great job :) That colour combo is like the purple Dutch irises :)

Yes, love your catchy post title too!

Emma said...

He he he, Helen. I came up with TIP, but it sounds more like a description of ym house than my sewing (I hope!). But I like Thursday's Threads. Thanks!

Oooh, Lily, I think you have just given me the inspiration for finishing and naming my D9P :)