Thursday, 6 September 2007

A smile!

I captured Eleanor's first smile on camera yesterday. She has been treating me to these for about a week, how delightful!
Simon is taking tomorrow off work and tonight we are all heading up to his parents' holiday house at Port Hughes for the weekend. It's our first trip with both kids, and should be fairly relaxing, with his parents likely to relieve us of lots of our parenting responsibilities, and allow me to quilt. Yesterday afternoon while sitting with James dozing on the sofa I finished the binding on Zach's quilt.

Last night I sewed all the squares into strips of 3 for my green and purple D9P. Here are a few:
I'll take it with me this weekend, along with the finishing hand-stitching on Eleanor's play quilt. That has to be a priority, as Eleanor will be 2 months old on Saturday, and I want to start a series of monthly photos of her on her quilt!


AJ said...

How cute is that face!!! Great smile!!

That dragonfly fabric is beautiful close up!!

Helen said...

Awwwww Emma! Look at that beautiful smile! Lovely shot!

Juni said...

Zach's Quilt! Stunning job Emma! I love the dragonflies :)