Wednesday, 5 September 2007

My first WIP Wednesday

I have finally motivated myself to finish off Eleanor's play quilt and am stitching the binding to it today, even though I am still sewing down the back of the binding on Zach's quilt. I hope to finish both off in the coming evenings. I don't like having to use James' for her!
Wednesdays are not usually productive days in this house with me and both kids at home. Eleanor tends to sleep in the mornings, but requires holding all afternoon, and James needs constant watching even when he doesn't require direct attention. Unfortunately the study/sewing room doesn't have a window looking out on the lawn, or he could play happily out there. At the moment he's passing me my quilting magazines 2 at a time (he's just learned the meaning of two!). Very helpful!

The other day we caught our first episode of the Teletubbies. Can I first say what absolute rubbish it is? Interminable giggling, hugging and running around without even attempting a storyline. But James was fascinated. Everytime one appeared on screen, he'd say 'sleep-suit'. This is why:
He wears a red or green one of these to bed every night, and Simon's instant response the first night he wore one, was that he looked like a teletubbie. Obviously he's not the only one to think so! This one is a bit loose, but the green one fits the bill perfectly.


Austy's Mum said...

Emma that binding looks stunning on Eleanor's quilt! You know when you are finished we will all be nagging you for a pic with her playing on it... (gotta love a newbie pic, especially when it's a newbie and a handcrafted item). And James still looks adorable, even in his tellietubby suit ;)

Juni said...

Can't wait to see the finished quilts! Love James the tellietubby! :)