Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The sound of singing

Sunday night was my first child-free outing since Eleanor was born (apart from quick trips to the shops). Simon stayed home with James and Eleanor while I joined my parents and their friends at an Eric Bogle concert. Luckily Eleanor slept most of the time, and was just ready for a feed when I got home.

Yesterday I took Eleanor for her first immunisations. A malfunction with one needle meant she had to have that one again; as if 3 wasn't bad enough, she got a fourth! So to make myself feel better, I stopped at a few quilt shops, including one at the end of Joy's street, which I haven't visited for over a year. Here is the result.

There are some here for the D9P, but mostly I just couldn't resist them. I did also find some fabrics which might be great for Leia's quilt once I see the fabric she has already chosen.

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