Thursday, 13 September 2007

Show day!

Yesterday we took James to the Royal Adelaide Show. It was a dedicated James day, with my mother looking after Eleanor while we were there. We took James last year to see the animals, but at nearly two, he enjoyed it so muich more this time. He got to pat and even hold loads of animals, including a wedge-tailed eagle!
(That's James' hand at the bottom)

But I think the highlight was a ride on the miniature carousel. Although I sat next to him, I didn't even need to hold him; he hung onto the pole and grinned the entire time. It's a pity the pole obscured his face in the photos though:
He was also fascinated by the poodles. Clipped, puffed and hair-sprayed within an inch of their lives, they barely resembled our two, but every black one was Shadow or Cocoa to James. I think he was a bit confused. We also had alook at the handcrafts hall. There weren't many quilts this year, after some great exhibits last year. But my grandmother took first (the irises) AND second prize (the little bird on the pussy-willow) for cross-stitch in the over 80s category!
To top it off, Eleanor slept from 10.30 last night until 6.30 this morning, so we are all feeling good despite the busy day!

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