Wednesday, 21 November 2007

WIP Wednesday

Today's WIP is the 2nd DIN surprise ready for quilting. And as Simon organised for his parents to have James tonight while he is in Hobart, I might actually get it done this evening.
But my photo is of me making my first machine-pieced quilt. It's an Around-the-World, marked with pen and cut with scissors. At least I was strip-piecing it! I came across the photo a few days ago. It's from 1993; so obviously I was mistaken that I learned to quilt in 1994!


Cascade Lily said...

I don't know about around the world, but it's certainly 'around Emma'!

And check out how fat your seams were!

Helen said...

Great shot Emma! My first thought wsa "her machine is a bit old" :)1993, didn't even have a machine myself back then!

Emma said...

LOL, that's my mum's machine! I bought mine in 1999 and am about ready for a newer one with the full quilting features - long free arm and free-motion quilting stitch length regulator.