Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursday's Threads

Well, it was still Thursday when I started this, so it counts!
In exciting news, I had a letter from AP&Q, and 'Eleanor's Quilt' will be in Vol 16 No 11, on sale 6th June 2008. A long wait to see it in print, but still a thrill. I have to have everything to them by mid January (so I expect a panic in early January!).
I had a productive day despite Eleanor only catnapping most of the day. One of my DIN Surprises is nearly complete. I sandwiched and started quilting last night, finished the quliting today, and machine the binding to the front tonight. Just have to sign it and hand stitch the binding down now. I had hoped to get it in the mail tomorrow, but Monday is looking far more realistic. Just a few peeks until it is finished, sent and received. This is some of the quilting from the back:
I have my mother visiting tomorrow, with one or both of my grandmothers. James is looking forward to it, but even explaning to him that the sooner he goes to bed, the sooner he'll see them, didn't get him in bed properly until 10.15pm! I suppose that's what you get when he sleeps in until almost 10am; just a pity Eleanor didn't this morning!


Cascade Lily said...

Great news on APQ!! You'll have to let us know when it's out.

That quilt...well what we can see from the teaser shots...looks stunning!

And OMG to your stash! Drooling here!

Juni said...

That is so exciting to be publishing one of your quilts in a magazine!!! Well done!!!