Thursday, 15 November 2007

James' turn again

From this

to this
in 2 short years!

I'm not sure sometimes whether they should be called the Terrible-Twos or the Terrific-Twos. Between tantrums, James is delightful. He's less and less a baby and more and more a little boy. But wow, he has those tantrums down-pat. No-one teaches them, but they all know the routine - face down (or to the front door?!), bang fists and feet, and carry on as though their world is ending. About shoes being off instead of on. Or because I dared to offer a drink at the wrong time. Or because we can't do everything NOW!

But it's all worth it to see and hear him delight in the smallest things. Every evening without fail, when he hears Simon come home, James squeals "Daddy!" and runs to the door to meet him. He then usually demands his "spa nappy on", and they head outside together. As the warmer weather and longer evenings arrive, they'll also go the the nearby park some evenings.

But the thing I'm finding most enjoyable at the moment is the way little things are triggering memories for him, and the way he shares them. Over and over! Mention tractors or dust etc., and he tells us how the digger made lots of dust breaking the concrete while demolishing the house opposite my parents’ place. Mention Christmas or pageant, and he gets excited all over again about waving to Father Christmas at the pageant.
And over a week later he’s still giggling over Cocoa landing in the spa with us – “Cocoa SWIM! He he he!!!” (We take both kids in, and they love it. But Cocoa the Uncoordinated likes to jump up on the edge, and jumped too far last week.) He recognises planes and their noise, and reminds us that Simon's parents stopped at the airport viewing area with him to watch a 747; "Aeroplane take off, plane in sky!".

(With cousin Zoe at his party)

James has also started some imaginitive play. Bec (his oddly-named rabbit) cuddles Ra (Roar, the lion), flies, and shares his drinks. He also makes 'quito' noises and 'bites' us (after an unfortunate afternoon in the garden without a nappy, where he got huge red bites all over his bum!). AS well as his vocabulary., his pronounciation is coming along in leaps and bounds. Suddenly around his birthday 'pappy' became nappy. We knew he could say it; "Say NNNNNappy." "nnnnnn Pappy!" Grin! Sofie is now sofa, boffle is now bottle, and sadly cuggle is becoming cuddle! He still striggles with 'L', but that will come.

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Juni said...

Happy Birthday James!!! He looks so grown up now.. its amazing how much they grow in 2 short years.