Thursday, 1 November 2007

Thursday's Threads

This week's WIP is the first of several DIN05 Surprises. The top is complete and awaiting some backing so I can sandwich and quilt it. Just a sneak-peek of this one.

I ordered most of the fabric for Leia's quilt through eQuilter and they arrived through the week. Then this morning, the feature fabrics that Leia had bought arrived, and here is my starting palette:

The toile and stripe are the feature fabrics. The right column is all the same designer (and the same range except the cream the the bottom). The bottom-left is an attempt to include some pink; her daughter's favourite colour! I'm itching to start on some test-blocks, but have a more urgent project at hand.

Of course, while I was putting in an order, I couldn't resist a few things for myself...

Now I need to get on with the DIN Surprise mentioned in my previous post WANTED! and see what fabrics I can find in my stash.


Austy's Mum said...

Just look at all those beautiful sharp points! You are such a pro!

I love the fabrics you have collected for Leia's quilt too.

Cascade Lily said...

I am liking that fabric for your new project a lot! I was looking for some decent toile on equilter last week and couldn't find what I wanted AND a contrast solid dammit!

And that heart fabric is gorgeous too!