Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A bad start

Today's return to work started in dramatic fashin. Let's just say I had a 5 minute battle to open my front door, and another 15 minute battle to get it shut, let alone locked. James and Eleanor sat on the front porch beautifully while I ranted and raved. Upon returning to the door this evening, there was a large box of Valori Wells fabric waiting for me - much better.

Combined with this recent selection:
Stash = 728m

And because my return to work coincides with Eleanor turning 8 months (and she still hasn't quite cracked 7kg!) here is the latest photo. They're getting harder now she moves so much!


Helen said...

Mmmmmm! Lovely selection Em! What you planning on sewing with it do you think?

Ellie said...

Ohh I love those red ones. Very nice.

What was wrong with the door by the way?

Also Miss E is cute as ever.

Emma said...

I don't really know what was wrong - except everything! It's partly the hot dry weather moving it out of alignment with the locks, but there were probems with the main lock (loose) and the deadlock (wouldn't take the key from the outside) as well.