Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Eleanor overload

It's ages since I posted an update on Eleanor, so here is some of the backlog of photos!

She still looks as though she'll start crawling properly any day - as she has for the last month! But she's certainly getting faster wiuth her commando style. This morning I was changing James' nappy, and she followed us all the way from the far corner of the lounge through the living areas, down the hall and into James' bedroom at the end.

Her second tooth appeared a few weeks ago, and I finally got a photo of them today. Of course the only one showing the teeth wasn't quite in focus! I think the top pair are moving now, too.
Her first solids. "What are you trying to do to me???"
Trying to escape!
Eleanor and I:
At Marion pool in her swimsuit:
This can't be my child! She was having a wonderful time!
At Kensington Pool, and starting to go a bit blonde!
Reading; her favourite is the soft teddy's tummy:
Skye and Eleanor!
Peek-a-boo! I love this outfit:
James loves to tow his trailer, and asked for a special load:
Among the stash!
Trying to make friends with Shadow:
Sitting! She sat for over half an hour, while I took photos of a quilt, then her:
The ladybird she got for Christmas; still a bit big!
Quatro Lego:
Those teeth:


Ellie said...

Lucky I am already pg - she sends me into cluck overdrive.

Mothership said...

She is divine Emma! I luuurrve the one of her with Skye. I just realised how much hair she's lost since she was born too - she was rather furry if I remember rightly. :)

Treasa said...

You have a beautiful daughter. I like the picture of her and the dog. Colorful quilts.