Monday, 3 March 2008

Look! Crab!!!

James was very concerned last night about something on his bedroom floor. Busy at the time, I asked what it was. "It's crab!" came the response! Upon arrival in his room, we gingerly walked across the rug to find...... the remainder of the apple peel he'd been eating the other day while I was cooking up a batch of fruit for Eleanor. He's caught and seen cooked crabs several times at Port Hughes, and red apple peel, curled and dried, does look remarkably like crabs' legs!!!

And here is a large and relatively recent selection of photos of James:
Not sure what he was trying to achieve here:
Marion Pool:
Threading grapes on a feather at Kensington Pool:
Playing with Eleanor:
Reading to Eleanor:
Up on my feet - he later let go with his hands, too!
Helping Andrew watering on a hot day (he wasn't in the sun long):
The right sport; Andrew would be proud:
He wouldn't have a nap, and wouldn't, and wouldn't...
The current obsession - pegs!
With most of his soft toys in his tunnel:


AJ said...

Love the reading one!! He looks so concentrated!! Wish the kids at school did that!

Mothership said...

He's a handsome brute! The pegs look rather gorgy I have to say.