Sunday, 2 March 2008

A perfect evening

Cricket and Quilting! C'mon Aussies!
I have made a good start with the quilting on Ellie's quilt.

But ran out of the red cotton, so made a final choice on the fabrics for the Goddess' Raffle Quilt and have started cutting the pieces:

And here's a peek at a small side project I've just finished:


Austy's Mum said...

ove the gorgeous pics of James, Emma - he certainly is growing up. Wish I could get a sleepy pic of Austy like that - so adorable. But Austy is a light sleeper and ONLY sleeps in his bed so I don't tempt fate by walking into his room with a camera...

I LOVE Ellie's quilt. Absolutely STUNNING!!! Although I wouldn't expect anything less from you, you are my quilting idol! By the way, we really must catch up again soon, Austy was asking about going to see you and JAmes and Eleanor as soon as I got back from my trip! Only 10 days till our big move, so maybe we'll have to book you all in for a play date or dinner at the new place.

Ellie said...

You must have really strong leg muscles as James does not look like a light weight...oh and that red quilt doesn't look half bad either ;-p