Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Post - outgoing for a change!

The snowflake is winging its way to a (hopefully cooler) Perth, for Helen to weave her magic on it - after she pops it in the freezer!

And tonight (this morning!) I finished another project which I hope to photograph tomorrow morning (pending cooperative children!) and maybe even get in the mail tomorrow afternoon. It's called Red and White and Butterflies All Over, and you'll be seeing it soon.

And in wonderful news, Adelaide's record-breaking heatwave is finally ending. After 15 days of 35 or over (mostly well over!) and smashing the Australian state capital heatwave record, we are anticipating a delightful 29 tomorrow. Bliss!


Belinda said...

Glad the heatwave is over for you. Cant wait to see what Helen does with your snowflake, just gorgeous.

Ellie said...

Oooh very excited. Fingers crossed that the bug decides to vacate after your DH and you don't have to sample its wares.

Email me at work tomorrow and let me know about $$$

Helen said...

Em, I have my freezer defrosted, ready to go! LOL Can't wait for it to get here.

Juni said...

Sheesh about that weather! You poor, poor things :(