Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A good mail day

Today's post made me happy...

My first 6 yards of wintergraphix:Plus a cheque for the publication of Eleanor's Quilt, AND the contract for the publication of Evening Indulgence.
And the last block for a quilt I'm putting together!
And finally, our WIGGLES tickets!

Tonight I have made a start on the table runner I'm making as part of a swap with the EB Quilters. I've altered the colours so as not to give too much away. But I will say this, every time I press a part containing some of Anna Maria's Chocolate Lollipop, I swear I smell hot chocolate!

I also want to show off some mail which arrived last week. I've been slow in doing so, but not because I don't absolutely love it! One of the mums in my online parents' group knitted this beautiful top for her daughter. When I asked if she would make me one, she sent it to me, saying she would have to knit a bigger one for her daughter anyway (remember Eleanor is tiny - still wearing size 00; which says 3-6months; at her first birthday!) and refused to accept any payment. It's hard to believe this was her first knitted garment! Thankyou so much, Kelly! At almost this very moment last year (12.38am) Eleanor was born. Happy Birthday!

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