Saturday, 5 July 2008

Eleanor's First Birthday Party

Firstly, thankyou for all the lovely comments about Eleanor's cake! I love hearing from you all! Joy mentioned she hadn't realised from the photos just how tiny some of the pieces were - the finished 'quilt' was about 7" square, so some of the pieces were under a centimetre long (and yes, I realise I'm mixing measurements!) There's not much left now - and I admit it hurt a little to cut it!
Eleanor was a good girl and as well as a morning nap, also went to sleep not long before the party and slept for over an hour, so was very happy all through it.

Eleanor with her first BMW (from my parents):
Eleanor's first dolly came with a bottle...
Simon's parents found this cross stitch when they were sorting through Nan's house, and had in framed for Eleanor:
We had 3 renditions of Happy Birthday, as Eleanor shares her birthday with my Gran and today also happens to be my mother-in-law's birthday. James got to blow out the candle with
both of them; here he is with his Nanny:
Enjoying her cake with Daddy:
With her car again:
I think he likes the dolly more than she does at this stage!
And in her new hat just before bed:


Kylie said...

Glad to see Eleanor had such a lovely birthday. What a special find that cross stitch was!

Leah said...

Looks like you all had a lovely day - and the cake looks fabulous - great idea!

Juni said...

Happy Birthday Eleanor! I can barely believe a whole year has flown by so quickly.

Cascade Lily said...

Happy birthday Eleanor! What a great idea for the cake too!

Ellie said...

Happy First Birthday Eleanormummy making that cake.

Love the outfit Emma where did you get that from?

Ellie said...

Previous message does not make much sense but I was trying to say what a clever mummy she has.... (sleep deprivation...yawn)