Friday, 11 July 2008

Happy Birthday my delightful princess

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

By your first birthday, you:
- Are still Mummy's little girl
- Have 6 teeth
- Weigh almost 9kg and have finally had your carseat turned
- Are walking
- Love to eat almost anything
- Wear size 00 clothes
- Can clap and wave at appropriate times
- Will say bye-bye all day
- Are James' little Princess
- Still have enormous, beautiful eyes
- Love your first BMW
- Know exactly what you want - and aren't afraid to let us know
- Have wonderful fun playing with mummy's material
- Pull your socks off at the first opportunity
- Don't like to be thrown in the air, but love to hang upside down
- Are an absolute delight

Above is Eleanor's 12-month photo on her quilt, and below is a link to an ordered Flickr set of all her monthly photos from 2-12 months:

Today I did Eleanor's First Birthday photoshoot. Outside conditions weren't pleasant, so we set up inside and I hoped the flash and custom colour settings I played with would cooperate. I'm really pleased with the results, but will eventually have a go at photoshopping some of them.

First, Eleanor wearing the beautiful outfit Joy made for her:

And a series wearing her birthday skirt and top (the first is my absolute favourite!):


Austy's Mum said...

Adorable Emma! And I love the pics in the outfit I made -too cute! Makes the 2am sewing stint sooooo worth it! And it will look even better on her when I get these new pants over to you that should fit her perfectly in comparison to the size 1's which look positively HUUUUUGE! I'm glad the top fits as I suspected it would (with a little bit of growth room). I must sort out my photos of Austy - since we've moved I haven't done anything with them but dump them all off the memory card... (embarrassed smilie here!)

Cascade Lily said...

Happy birthday Eleanor! She's not going to fit on that quilt for much longer!

Alinta said...

She looks gorgeous!! The outfit is so cute on her, and i love that you have taken a picture each month in comparison to the quilt. An excellent idea!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Mothership said...

Ooh ahh but she's a doll! So cheeky and fun. She reminds me of my own little girl Emma, very much. It's been so lovely to watch her grow with you.

Happy 1st birthday Eleanor! XXX