Saturday, 19 July 2008

Thankyou Leah!

My Table Runner from the EB Quilters' Swap arrived from Leah arrived this week. Imagine my confusion when the first fabric I saw when opening the package was the last one I saw when sending mine on its way to Natalie!I've been terribly slow in blogging it, because I wantred to photograph it in its new hom on our dining table, But the table is thoroughly buried, and I'm so busy trying to get a few projects done, I haven't time to clear it properly and then hunt for everything. So I sufficed by using the wooden floorboards in place of the table. And a hanging rod!Leah used some of the same range of fabric I used; Chocolate Lollipop; but the runner has a totally different feel. It's fresh and striking. And all those corner triangles? They're cleverly folded - and I forsee James and Eleanor having great fun slipping who-knows-what into them in the years to come! Plus, the back is almost as pretty as the front!

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