Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Treasure Chest

Firstly, the winners of my Pay It Forward. Could the following people please email me (via my full profile on the right) with their postal address if I don't already have it:

Then just share the fun through your blogs and sit back and wait!
Today's photos are of a cover and matching cushions I made for a trunk my parents have. It was made before I moved out of home, so about 10 years ago! I finally photographed them today while I was visiting them. Here's the top from above:It's not a true quilt, in that it's just the pieced top layer. I used one of Margaret Rolfe's foundation-pieced animal patterns (a swallow), but in my own setting to suit Mummy's uncluttered style. These foundation-pieced designs were the start of my love of foundation piecing, and I've branched off to start designing my own images where needed, such as the seagull in my Beach quilt (featured here on Quilters Show and Tell).

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