Friday, 15 August 2008

Thankyou Lily!

Yesterday James pulled a lovely parcel from our mailbox - from Lily for me! Just look at these lovely goodies: a much-needed pin-cushion (with plenty of space for the new pins I'm about to buy!), a beautiful FQ (which is already missing a 2.5in square for my eventual quilt containing a square of all my fabrics!) and a handy mini retractable tape-measure.
This wintry quilt has been assembled as far as the first border, but refuses to lie flat, so for now you just get a completed NYB block, and you'll see the whole thing once it's been forced into flat submission by quilting!
I'm hunting for some of this white-on-white fabric, which has previously been purchased from Spotlight. It's photographed on a dark surface to show the pattern. I need some unbroken length for a border, so a minumin of 1.25m, but up to 3m would be perfect. I've checked my 2 closest Spotlights with no luck. There's no selvage information, and the pattern isn't easily described, so my internet search was unsatisfactory. If you can help, I would love to hear from you, and we can make arrangements for payment or a swap.
Although these visits and a stop at my LQS failed to turn up the one item I really wanted, they did result in the following irresistibles:
and a small pile which may or may not end up in Helen's Round robin border:
And a quick heads up about a milestone post and giveaway tomorrow...


Cascade Lily said...

You're very welcome Emma :) Thanks again for organising and constructing/quilting my beautiful quilt. I love it and so will bubs (when he eventually gets here)

You have such a great eye for colours - love the wintery quilt block - another stunner in the making!

Kelly said...

Hi Emma

I know the fabric you are looking for as I have bought it previously too. I did look in my stash but couldn't find any spare bits and I also went to Spotlight in town but I couldn't see it there either.

What Spotlight's have you been to?