Thursday, 21 August 2008

Swaps, ears and potatoes???

Since the FSQS wound up, I've signed up for two more swaps; Kate's Another Little Quilt Swap and the second EBDQS, organised by two of the Essential Baby Quilters.
Tonight I have finally managed some quilty progress; An Early Snowfall is now sandwiched, and I'm going to make a start on the quilting before I go to bed.
And here are some photos of my little boy, who last night decided for some peculiar and unknown reason, to push some of his roast potato into his ear, resulting in him and Simon being at Emergency from 1-4am this morning, with a follow-up visit tomorrow!

At Cleland:

Fishing (complete with boat, rod, line and hook, burley-bucket and gents as bait, and foam fish and squid!):



Louise said...

I have to break the news to you that I've tagged you ;)

I must admit that I laughed when I read about the roast potato, although I imagine that it wasn't particularly funny at 1am!

ingrid said...

That looks like my kind of fishing expedition. No seasickness at all!