Thursday, 28 August 2008

Winners all around!

Tonight I got James to pick a winner for my blogiversary giveaway!
But I think I'm the winner today. Amidst the expected parcels I ordered from the US to celebrate said event (like I needed an excuse!) was an Australia Post satchel at my door tonight. I couldn't imagine what it was, but knew things were promising when I saw Island Kylie's name on the back. Even so, I wasn't prepared for the wonderful slection of almost 40 frog fabrics she'd managed to stuff in there!
Kylie has been making her son a frog quilt, and knew I had an affinity for the little creatures, too, so she sent the pieces she didn't use my way. I can't call them scraps - they're too big! The photo above shows a little bit of each. Despite my collection of frog fabrics, I only had a handful of these, and a few in different colourways. And I was amazed how many I hadn't even seen before!

And here are some of my other stash enhancements to arrive recently. Just a couple more books and some long-awaited fabric found through to come:

Stash = 870m

Oh, and the winner - Mothership!
Completely unbiased, since James can't read that well yet, I promise! There were so many of you I wanted to give it to, but I don't have time to make that many. I hope you'll stay around with me as I enjoy my second year of blogging - maybe next year?

By the way, the quilt with the most pieces is Canadian Inspiration with approximately 3600! Beach has around 2200, the Blue and Yellow quilt aroubnd 1500, and Eva's Garden (the green and mauve one) has 930.


Roseanne said...
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Roseanne said...

I like your frog fabric. I hope you are going to make a quilt with that fabric .What a good friend to send all that fabric to you .

Gina said...

What beautiful fabrics you've received.
And what an adorable picture of the name picking.
Love and hugs gina xxx

Mothership said...

I luuurve frogs too! Not as many around as when I was a lass. :(

Thank you, thank you, thank you Emma! I am so overjoyed and excited.

Thanks to Master James too. XXX

Miaou said...

What a wonderful collection of material! I love frogs, but have never seen any of those prints before (I obviously live on the wrong side of the world, lol!)

Ravenhill said...

Darn, I should have found your blog earlier so I could enter your wonderful give away! Congratulations to the winner!

What a cute froggie quilt! And those new fabrics for your stash! How delightful!!!
~Emily in Norway