Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Summer Sunset Wow!

I'd admired Helen's FSQS quilt all along as she was making it, and even made comments when she wasn't sure whether she should alter her design, never knowing it was destined for me! As soon as I saw the return address when I collected the parcel from the post office this morning, I laughed. What is the chance of being paired with one of my own EB quilting friends in a big international swap?
But I'm delighted with my quilt. It so closely matches my preferred style, but in Helen's inimitable style too, with perfect applique and beautiful tiny quilting.
My favourite fabric is the dark blue waves, but I don't have a favourite part of the quilt; the whole thing is just put together perfectly!
As soon as Simon gets home to wield the drill, it's all set to go above my sewing table. Helen has already attached a hanging pocket, and I happened to pick up some fine dowel and cup hooks the other day in readiness.
So thankyou Helen, for a beautiful quilt, and thankyou Margaret for a wonderful swap. I've come in at the fourth season, and I'm really hoping you'll be continuing this swap through another cycle of seasons!


Leah said...

Now that's a wonderful surprise! What are the odds hey :)

Helen said...

Yahhh it arrived safely! I know, fancy me scoring YOU for the swap! I fell off my chair when I found out. And every time you left a comment in my blog saying how much you liked it I was giggling! Glad you liked it. :)

Ravenhill said...

What a beautiful quilt!

Belinda said...

For an international swap, it sure is a small world! :P Helen did a great job! Just fantastic!

Cascade Lily said...

Oh how wonderful - I am so glad this beautiful quilt has gone to someone who will really appreciate it!!!