Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Today I prepared two quilts for quilting. I finished the tops, cut into my roll of batting, layered and pinned them ready to go tomorrow.

The top one is finally using the leftover blocks from another quilt after a mishap here when I made the alternate blocks the wrong size. It's destined for my cousin's daughter, who's likely to arrive on Thursday.The second one is for a friend's baby girl who is already a few weeks old and is a variation on my Breaking Surf.
Both quilts are likely to be quilted almost the same as their predecessors; the first because I can't see another sensible option, and the second because I can't wait to try those feathers again; I hope they work as well as they did the first time!


Eila said...

Just a fantastic job! Lovely colors, I love them!

Beena said...

These both look great, and will surely be well loved!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

So, is there anyway I could apply to become one of your friends or relatives? I LOVE your quilts. You are amazing!

Kelly said...

They are gorgeous!! I love the colours you have used!

Cascade Lily said...

Looking great Emma. And the quilting was wonderful last time - why mess with greatness?