Sunday, 5 July 2009


Today we had Eleanor's 2nd birthday party. Here she is in her new dress and jewels:
The slide was intended to keep her hair out of her eyes, but lasted all of about 3 minutes!
The dress looks very dark and heavy and too old in the photos, but it is actually a soft, light, slightly shimmery stretch-velvet - she kept stroking it and saying. "nice and soft". It came with a large pale pink satin bow and diamante trim which I unpicked last night.

I tok a few quick snaps as soon as she was dressed. I'll have to wait for other peoples' photos for more, I didn't get behind the camera much! Self-portrait:
James on Eleanor's new climbing frame - finally replacing his which was smashed when the tree fell late last year!
Eleanor's cake - much simpler than last year's quilt cake; a lady bird pretty much straight out of the AWW Party Animals cake book:
Simon's parents got her a scooter like James'. I think it was the biggest hit. Until now she's used James' scooter on occasion, and mostly walks astride it. But with one of her own and some time after the guests loeft tonight, she's proud of herself for figuring out how to actually scoot. It might be very slowly so far -but it's a lot more fun than walking the thing around!


Cascade Lily said...

Well she doesn't half look pleased with herself! Love that you unpicked the satin bow :D

Happy birthday Eleanor! And great job on the cake mum!

Natalie said...

Happy birthday to Eleanor! looks like she had a fun day, i love the cake too

The Humming Cat said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Eleanor! Glad you like your scooter, and the cake mummy made you and how cute are you in your big girl dress with your hair all tied up!!

Must be the time for it, I bought my kids scooters on Saturady too!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Miss Eleanor! She looks so grown up Em! Fantastic job on the cake too!

Jodes said...

She is gorgeous. I obviously haven't seen a pic for a while as I was blown away at how much she looks like James these days, just with beautiful brown eyes