Monday, 13 July 2009


A little while ago I won Inchie Art from the inspirational Nadine at DreamWeaver's Quilts. And just look at the perfect quilt she made me! This piece of art is embellished with 1in square 'quilts' (Inchies). Each one is individually embellished and unique, and is absolutely perfect.
Aren't they amazing?
They're all so well designed, I can't choose a favourite, but I am especially partial to these plummy ones.
Nadine has just had her Inchie Quilts book published...
... and I've already got myself an autographed copy.
You can get yourself a copy from Nadine's Studio, along with all the necessary ingredients to make your very own inchies. The instructions are really simple, and it's full of beautiful quilts and ideas.

Thank you Nadine!


Beena said...

I like those plummy ones, too! Beautiful! Thanks for posting the pics. I haven't gotten to see before what inchies look like up close!

Helen said...

WOW Em! What a stunning quilt. It really is art!!!! Lucky thing.

Nadine said...

I'm so glad you like the Inchie Quilt Emma! I'm not at all sure I got the "vineyard colours; chartreuse-y leaves, turning colour with autumn and plummy or even dark bluey grapes" that you mentioned right, but I'm glad you like it anyway!

Cascade Lily said...

It is indeed gorgeous and inspirational!

Nadine B. said...

This quilt is awsome! Love the details of Nadine's Inchies so much!
Greetings from Germany,
Nadine (the other)