Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I finished off the quilting job tonight and returned it to its owner. I blogged some of the quilting here. I was very pressed for time, so only took some quick photos; no time to try and stick this mammoth to the wall with double-sided tape! Even on a step-ladder, with the camera at full arm's stretch up and out, I couldn't get it all in straight; this quilt is big! This is the straightest photo; taken from the side:
And the right way up:
More detail of the centre:
A close-up of the central heart feather:
And one of it hanging from our wall-unit
What I earned from this job is going towards buying a roll of batting. I use Matilda's Own wool/cotton , and often find it's out of stock at my LQS. When I was at a discount quilt shop the other week, I asked if she had any, and she said no, but checked for me the price of a roll, in case I was interested. She'll supply it at cost, which means 30m of 240cm wide batting at less than 2/3 the usual price. It'll take a lot of space, but should keep me going for a while!


Beena said...

Isn't scale a funny thing? You can't really tell how big a quilt is from a photo without some point of reference that is also in the a bookshelf or a hutch! It is a big quilt, and I wouldn't have thought so from just the first couple of photos!

My LQS is out of the batting I usually use. I'm going to have to order on line.

Margaret aka Supermom said...

I always have a large roll of batting. Hate to always need to shop for more and more packages, and the waste fron each!...