Monday, 27 July 2009


Thank you to Margaret, Adds and Anita for helping me ot find the fabric! Margaret and Adds both pointed me to the very site I'd linked to - and they were right! I'd assumed that N/A in the information meant the fabric wasn't available, but it seems that it meant that some of the information about the fabric (the designer) wasn't available. I now have lot of lilac and some pink, green and aqua on the way, and, with many thanks to Anita, a link for the navy as well. Anita even managed to pick up some lilac in her searches for me!

Thank you my blogging friends!


Annie of Blue Gables said...

You are too kind. I am glad you introduced us to that beautiful fabric and thanks to you, I also went to the site you linked us to and ordered about $50 worth.
I am glad you found what you wanted.
And I didn't know you were looking for the other colors, I just thought that if I linked all I found, you could investigate and ask if they had any available. So I am glad you found the navy as well. hee hee
You are too sweet. Have a great day.
~anita (aka annieofbluegables)

Beena said...

I haven't been as lucky in my search for more of that other fabric we both liked! Wish I could tell you different! But glad some other bloggers were able to find you more of this!

Margaret aka Supermom said...

yea, good for you!