Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I'm working on another quilt, this time a baby's play quilt. Here are some of the trimmings:
Here you can see where I'm up to with the quilting, I really love this FMQ pattern!
When I'm quilting I wear gloves, so I like to take my rings off. I found a great little hidey-hole for them while I sew:


Cascade Lily said...

Hilarious - I wondered why a baby quilt would be called hidey hole! Then I realised it wasn't the quilt, but your bobbin holder. I am just quietly envious of that storage compartment in your machine! One day, one day I too will have a 'proper' machine :)

Love the look of this quilt. The white really makes those gorgeous fabrics sing :)

Juni said...

Beautiful! Emma, do you know where/if you can still buy those fabrics somewhere?

Helen said...

Looks beautiful Emma. Great spot for the rings too!