Friday, 5 December 2008

Father Christmas

Today I took James and Eleanor to see Father Christmas. I like to get in before school holidays, so it's nice and quiet, and they can take their time. James didn't need any time - he was straight on his lap, thanking him for the picnic chair Father Christmas gave him at the child care party last Friday! Eleanor was a little more hesitant, and her bottom lip wobbled a few times, but after hovering on my knee for a while (and receiving a little 'wand'), sat content on his lap, and even managed a few small smiles. The challenge for the photos was avoiding one of James' dreadful 'camera smiles'.

Father Christmas then asked James what he wants for Christmas. James doesn't really understand this concept yet (which I actually think is rather nice), so after a few ummms, asked for "something I like"!

I think next year I'll take them to the Magic Cave, for a ride on Nipper or Nimble and so on, but we'll stick with visiting Father Christmas at the local shopping centre, where they can see and warm to him before they are thrust upon his lap. At the Magic Cave, I remember from my own childhood that you queue through corridors (so they can have more than one!)
I tried to find some photos from the Magic Cave, but will have to look through my parents' albums. Here am I on Nipper aged about 9:And here are Nipper and Nimble in this year's pageant:
And here are the pick of the pre-Christmas photos I took last week:


Margaret aka Supermom said...

It's still funny to see them visiting Santa (Do you not call Father Christmas "Santa"??) in anything other than sweaters! Sandals and a sundress are surreal :-)

Helen said...

Great photo Emma! I can't believe how big Miss E has suddenly got!

Jodes said...

Oh, I remember the Magic Cave!

I love the photos of James and Eleanor. That one of Eleanor is just gorgeous.

Cascade Lily said...

Haven't seen Nipper and Nimble before! Great photos at the end of your post of J and E :)