Thursday, 30 June 2011

Big new toy

No not a long-arm quilting machine! It's the new car I've been wanting for a while (even though it's silver, rather than the white I'd've preferred).

Yesterday we said farewell to our 5-series wagon (above). We've had it since James was about 6 months old and I'll miss it. I've really enjoyed driving a car that's relatively uncommon; there are only a handful in Adelaide, and it's been lovely to drive, but it's getting old.

James and Eleanor have been looking forward to the changeover, not least because they hadn't been in the X5 yet - Simon and I took turns at test drives rather than muck around with moving carseats. Here they are in their seats, newly installed in our new car, when we went to collect it.

I'm loving driving the much newer car, and getting used to being higher on the road - I felt an irrational need to duck when entering a multi-storey carpark in it for the first time this morning! I'm really looking forward to driving it to the snow in a few weeks and getting full benefit from the additional power.


LeKaQuilt said...

Congratulate with a new toy....! I love the X5, its my favorit car...
Drive safe !

Little Munchkins said...

Great car! We looked at the X5 last year when we were going to buy a new car, but in the end we decided we needed a bigger car with 7 seats so we got a Mazda CX9. I wouldn't have minded the X5 though!