Sunday, 26 June 2011

Border quilting

I never got around to sharing photos of the outer border of this quilt. I mailed it a week ago, and have just finishe writing all the instructions. This shows the outer border, which has scallops and piano-keys. I'm really pleased with how the scallop shapes worked in the corners, and love the snowflakes.

Almost all the quilting (the piano keys, the snowflakes and the scallops, but not the echo line on the scallops) were marked (and all but the snowflke with the Hera marker), and they were all free-motion quilted. I'm getting better at the straight lines, and it's much faster than turning the quilt 180-degrees after every line! I considered trying to use a ruler, but don't think it would work with the curved front of my machine.


M-R said...


Connie said...

Beautiful quilting on your borders!

Linda said...

Your quilting, as always, is great. I like your straight-line quilting. It's funny, but now that I feel I've "mastered" curvy free motion quilting, I'm attracted to linear shapes! Go figure.