Thursday, 2 June 2011

Welcome back!

I've been a slack blogger lately; and a slack quilter, too. I've had a bit of a break, which I probably needed, but hasn't helped with my many upcoming deadlines. So I'm trying to drag my nose out of books and am getting a bit of piecing done again. Here's just a peek at what I'm working on; foundation piecing as usual:

Each block is different, and I have to carefully lay out the pieces as a guide so I don't mess up. I've got 4 blocks done so far, and have only had to unpick, move and resew a couple of seams where I got the fabrics positioned wrongly.

Tomorrow I'll share a finished block.


Mamen said...

Felicidades por tu blog y por todas las cosas bonitas que tienes, además de una familia tan bonita tus hijos son guapísimos y tu esposo se llama como mi hermano mayor.
Saludos desde España y muchos besos
Congratulations on your blog and all the nice things you have, plus a nice family so your kids are gorgeous and your husband's name as my brother.
Greetings from Spain and many kisses

LynCC said...

Wow! This is a beautiful block - Looks like the colors of our beach, and it's calling me STRONGLY! Must take the kids across the bridge today to enjoy the beauty.

Miss Nancy said...

Love the color choices here. Looks like it will be a great block. Look forward to seeing it.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.