Monday, 16 January 2012

From the front

Just a quick peek of part of the front tonight:

The area shown is under 2in square; the turquoise quilting lines are about 1mm apart. Threads are Superior Rainbows 831 - Mediterranean (40wt trilobal polyester) and Wonderfil metallic 881. The Superior stitched up perfectly. The Wonderfil was ok, but I prefer the Superior metallic which I usually use; it glides better, can be quilted a bit faster and barely shreds. I also tried a Wonderfil metallic silver mixed with white Rayon, but it shredded shockingly, and I ended up ripping it out.


Frances Arnold said...

That much quilting in TWO you are a wonder woman!!

M-R said...

Wow, wow, wow! It's beautiful, Emma!

Margaret said...

Try Glide!..It is smoother than both, and I have never seen shreding or breakage. I just love it. It's soft too, unlike the scratchy metallics.