Friday, 13 January 2012


This morning I took James and Eleanor strawberry-picking at the Beerenberg farm near Hahndorf. It's under 25km from home, and a quick trip because about half of that is on the freeway. While we were driving through the hills, we passed several teams training in the lead-up to the Tour Down Under starting shortly in and around Adelaide. It's been relatively cool and overcast this week (ideal both for strawberry-picking and the cyclists!) but you get warm very quickly in the sunny berry patch!

Strawberry picking is fun for a while, but ultimately not easy on the back for adults!

I spent a lot of the time fielding questions about which strawberries were suitable, but they both did a good job, and filled their punnets with lovely, fresh strawberries.

After I filled my punnet, I had time for some photos, but oddly didn't get any of the berries themselves!

Each of these large punnets (the short end is showing) holds over a kilogram:

You simply pick as much as you want, then return to the shop to weigh and pay for them. We brought home 3.8kg; some to share with my parents, and plenty for several days of fresh berries plus a couple of batches of delicious frozen strawberry mousse, which I'll make tomorrow.

Hmm, I sense a strawberry quilt design on the cards, too!

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Frances Arnold said...

Looks like a fun, fun day!!