Sunday, 8 January 2012


This evening I finished the star quilt - I'll photograph it properly tomorrow morning, along with two others. Then I spent ages redesigning a quilt. It's rather overdue; mostly as I've had other quilts take priority, but also partly because I've been putting it off for a couple of reasons - one of which is that the design was really detailed and would have taken far longer than I have available to commit. I still feel as though I'm constantly playing catch-up with my quilt to-do list (although some recent decisions have helped) and how could I justify working on a quilt which would take as long as 3 or 4 others put together?

This is what I think I'll actually make (some of the fabric, notably the dots, are not to scale). It still meets my design requirements, but is also far more achieveable that the original. I think it's probably also more suited to its purpose. The final advantage of the redesign is that it leaves more open space for interesting quilting, which will be far more enjoyable - and therefore faster! I designed the original quite a while ago (and in a previous version of my design software) and my quilting style and abilities have evolved significantly since then. So, I suspect, have my overall design preferences!


The Humming Cat said...

gee there's an awful lot of blogging going on but I am yet to see your first finsh for 2012!!

Kelly said...

I know, right! It is already the eighth! Were are the piles of perfectly quilted and bound quilts you should have racked up in the last eight days??? Well??? = ) J/K of course, I think the new design looks quite lovely!

Hettie said...

Love the new design but hate being kept in suspense and can't wait to see the finished star quilt!