Monday, 23 January 2012


This afternoon and evening, I cut, pieced sandwiched and quilted this baby's play quilt! It just needs binding and it's ready for a label when the baby arrives, which is a really good feeling. This quick quilt is fulfilling one of my intentions to make simpler baby quilts at least some of the time. It's just that more often than not the designing bug takes over! Using flannels encourages me to keep it simple, because much of my flannel stash is large-scale prints, and I find flannels don't work the best in intricate piecing anyway - I'll save that for the regular quilters' cottons for now.

Even though it's quick and simple, I still put time into fabric selection and placement. A baby doesn't care how many pieces of fabric there are in her quilt, or how many hours went into its construction; she'll just enjoy the colours and patterns. And since there's quite an influx of babies requiring quilts in the first half of the year all ready, this is helping me catch up instead of leaving me further behind!

The quilting is my allover feather meander, but I've varied it by changing the shape of the feathers. I've seen these described as 'tooth' feathers, and now I can't get the name out of my head.


Linda said...

You are quite the quilt maker of baby quilts! Wow. I'm glad to be past that era. I don't care for piecing with flannel, so good for you to do that. These are a fun way for you to try out new quilting designs on something that doesn't take forever to quilt. I love these toothy feathers. Nice.

Anne D said...

The quilt is gorgeous. Flannel is perfect for a baby quilt and the colours are great. Simple can be beautiful.