Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Baby boy boom

I've received three baby boy birth announcements within 36 hours - luckily the two required quilts are already made and just need labelling! I shared one the other day, and this is the second:

 I've called this one 'Is it Night or Day?'. The name references babies' sleep patterns and parental lack of sleep, and seems appropriate given the feature print is of owls on a (day)light background.

This is the quilt I wasn't going to sash, but as soon as I laid out the alternating feature blocks and nine-patch blocks, it was obvious it was needed. Normally I'd continue the sashing around the perimter, but I rather liked this one without, and it was already plenty big enough - especially as I need to post it half-way around the world!

This is the first quilt I quilted completely on the Bernina 820 - in the meandering open feather I mentioned before.

I love this quilt, and I think it's just right for its new owner and his special parents.


beth said...

mmmm.....I love this quilt.

M-R said...

Sigh, such a beautiful quilt. Those owls are adorable and I just love your quilting, Emma. Great job!