Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Circus Every Day

Every time I look at this baby quilt, it makes me think of a circus - even though there are really only a couple of animals on it that ever used to be in circuses (performing giraffes, anyone?)! But the bright colours made the concept stick, and this quilt will be for a new baby, whose (first-time) parents will soon discover that this is an accurate description of their upcoming lives!

This was one of the quick baby quilts I made, and I did actually quilt this one on the Pfaff, though I've only recently got around to completing the binding and photographing it.

I specifically chose several of my snowflake-print flannels for this quilt, because the father-to-be is a keen snowboarder, and when he stayed with us in Canberra a number of years ago, we did a few day-trips to Perisher.

I used the open feather meander again, just with a different feather tip shape. It's so quick and easy and enjoyable to quilt, and is just the right density for a snuggle quilt - though I've done it much smaller elsewhere.

I don't know if they're having a boy or girl, so this bright quilt should do for either.


Katarína said...

Krááása!!! ♥

Linda said...

It's just adorable. Your quilting is perfect with it. I'm always on the look-out for quilting designs that are "less dense." Heavier quilting is fine for a wall hanging, but who wants to sleep under a 10 pound (4.5K) quilt!?

LynCC said...

Oh, this is just wonderful. It really, really makes me smile :)

Frances Arnold said...

Wonderful Quilt. I love the colors and pictures....perfect for a baby!!