Thursday, 29 March 2012

More micro quilting

I finished quilting my DQS12 quilt! There's a lot of stitching in this 18in square quilt - enough to shrink it by nearly an inch in either direction!

Above the pink row is pale green (also a Rainbows variegated 40wt thread) and the top is silver metallic (also from Superior), which sparkles beautifully. It all stitched out perfectly. Each clamshell si a different quilting design; from the bottom row, right to left: R1 - swirl, pebble; R2 - double-pebble, McTavishing, filigree; R3 - freeform feathers, double-paisley; R4 - swirl variation. My favourite is the filigree. There's a small amount of quilting on the pieced blocks, following the fabric pattern - just enough so that they lie flat. The remaining clamshells (and parts thereof) are filled with very slightly larger McTavishing, in navy Bottom Line (fine, 60wt) thread - again from Superior.

I've picked out a binding fabric - also Paula Nadelstern, but from an earlier range (Deja Vu, I think). I've trimmed the quilt very precisely, and will need to be very careful to sew the binding on perfectly at the edges of the clamshells.


Katarína said...

Nádhera!!! :-) ♥

becanne said...


I didn't think you could top the circles one, but you have.

M-R said...

Holy cannoli, that's awesome! How the heck did you get those stitches so small? Emma, STUNNING (couldn't you hear that all the way from Canada?) ;)

Kim S said...

Love all the different fills you are using on this! Fabulous!

Shayla Sharp said...

After seeing it on Flickr, I just had to stop in and check this out some more--just amazing work!