Sunday, 11 March 2012

James and quilts

I wanted to share this picture that James did at school a little while ago. They had free choice, and he decided to draw a picture of one of my beach quilts for me. I think he did a terrific job from memory, although the scan didn't come out very well.

I love that he remembered to put in details like the shells on the sand and the beach huts. Then he even thought to use the snowflake punch around the edge because he knows I love snowflakes!

Last week we were at Spotlight selectig some gumnut baby fabrics (below)for a quilt, and next to them was some Spot fabric. I could clearly see his brain ticking over; working out that he needed a good reason to buy them, and saying he wants to make Edward (his cousin) a teddy quilt for his 2nd birthday in August. How could I argue? So we came home with some Spot as well! He also has plans for a quilt for Eleanor's Care Bears for her birthday. And several times he's brought home pictures which he thought I might like to use when designing quilts.

(A note to any fabric manufacturers - it's wonderful to see fabrics from Australian childrens' books - how about Possum Magic, please?)