Thursday, 29 March 2012

Binding company

I spent some time yesterday morning sewing the binding down on a bed quilt while Eleanor played nearby. Shadow loves nothing more than to rest his chin on the quilt while I do this, and since this quilt is going to a pet-friendly home, I obliged. Eleanor helped out by taking a photo and did a terrific job; you can see him (the black fluff!) by my left elbow, on the right of the photo:

She's at a bit of a low angle though, so this one below is zoomed in on him. Being black, it's a bit hard to work out; he stretches his nose right out on the quilt, then tips his head in to rest against me as well - you can see his left eye just above his nose, and his greying chin. He's a bit scruffy; next week he and Cocoa are due back at the dog groomer's.

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Marina Louw South Africa said...

This is too cute for words - reminds me of my Chloë who liked to do the same! Love your quilts, they are stunning!